September 1, 2014
"I had a nightmare that we were in someone else’s garden."

— Nini, 4

September 1, 2014
"I’m a trendsetter, not a trendgetter."

— Beans, 12

August 31, 2014
Garden notes for next year…pt 2.

Front bed: 3 blueberries, about a dozen kale plants, and maybe a dozen strawberry plants? Voila, new edible, ornamental bed.

Backyard: My neighbor cut a large set of branches in the wooded common area behind our homes that shaded both our gardens, so hopefully next year, I’ll have more light. That said, I want to add more fruit. Right now, I’m thinking…

  1. One or two fig trees since they do well here (Celeste variety?).
  2. Everbearing raspberries
  3. Grapes? Hub wants grapes and has never asked me to grow anything for him, so I have to at least try!

Two fav local food garden blogs:

August 9, 2014

August 7, 2014
My sworn garden enemy

My sworn garden enemy